How to provide DCM license audit report to DCM Support

License audit

Qualdatrix is entitled to audit customer instances for license compliance.

DCM license includes a maximum allowed number of blueprint versions (excluding templates) or customer may have purchased an unlimited license without any restrictions.

Due to ServiceNow regulations, we can not directly query or enforce any license control in the application, so we must rely on "manual audits" which may occur a maximum of 4 times per contract period (12 months) according to DCM Terms and Conditions (v2, updated Dec 2018).

In order to make this audit as easy as possible, the DCM application collects data about blueprint versions on a regular basis. And customer only needs to send an export of this data to DCM support on request.

Data includes a custom checksum to ensure that data has not been modified before delivery.

Steps for delivering the report

  1. Login to your ServiceNow production instance where DCM has been installed
  2. Go to DCM - Data Content Manager → Administration → DCM Metrics module / list view
    1. User needs to have system admin or "DCM Admin" role to access this table
  3. Apply following filter to list view: Type = Blueprint version count AND Created >= 3 months ago
    1. Here's an example query string for the same: type=blueprint_version_count^sys_created_onRELATIVEGE@month@ago@3
  4. Right click the list header to export results into Excel
    1. Make sure that list includes at least following columns: Created, Updated, Checksum, Numeric value, Created by
  5. Save Exported Excel file to your desktop
  6. Send exported Excel sheet as attachment to with a title "<Customer name> - <instance name> - blueprint audit report"
    1. where <Customer name> is your company name
    2. and <instance name> is the name of your ServiceNow production instance (beginning of the domain name before

This blueprint audit report can be requested by anyone at Qualdatrix using either the or email domain.

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