DCM R5.0 Release Notes

DCM R5 is a major release with fantastic new capabilities related to more dynamic data modeling and interactive reporting.

Release date: 30.7.2021

New Features

Blueprint DesignerAdvanced Links

"Advanced Links" is a collection of new features related to Blueprint Designer. The following advanced link types allow information architects to define more dynamic data models and get more value from individual blueprints.

Advanced link types are:

  • Conditional links: make links dependent on source data, only include in an audit if conditions match.
  • Alternative links: define a set of links where one of the links must exist.
  • Cohesive links: define a set of links pointing to the same class and also expect links to point to the same record.
Blueprint DesignerData Provider definitionsDefine a dynamic "data provider lookup" for each blueprint version and use this information to connect audit results to data providers.
Reports and DashboardsInteractive FiltersInteractive filters are finally available for scoped applications without a separate Performance Analytics license. So, of course, we added Interactive Filters (e.g. Data Domain, Categories, Implementation Phase, and Data Provider) to all DCM dashboards.
Report and DashboardsData Provider DashboardNew dashboard for Data Providers showing "personal audit results" for each person or group responsible for certain records or attributes. 
AuditData Provider info on audit resultsIf a blueprint has a Data Provider configuration in place, then the Audit Results and Unique Audit Messages are referring to the Data Provider and this information can be used for reporting, even without creating DCM Tasks.



Blueprint DesignerNew "Edit Relations" windowWe totally redesigned the create and edit relations modal window. Instead of the previously used "wizard model" we simply have "Basic" and "Advanced" link definitions.
Blueprint DesignerImplementation Phases as recordsPreviously Implementation Phase was just a choice list on a Blueprint version. Not it's turned into the record and used via reference field. This change will enable more sophisticated reporting and the use of Interactive Filters.
Blueprint DesignerUpdated blueprint templatesAs part of DCM demo data, new and updated blueprint templates are available.
Blueprint DesignerMore details into Related infoRelated info panel now includes descriptions for different symbols used in Blueprint Designer and Data Provider config, if included in a published blueprint version.
Data Content PlannerImproved Record SearchRecord search in Data Content Planner now includes advanced conditions (using Condition Builder) and more information about the search results (instead of just display name)
Data Content Planner"Field Setup" icon on containersShow in Data Content Planner, if a container has a Field Setup defined.
ApplicationMonthly License Compliance reportA number of blueprint versions in different statuses send to Qualdatrix every month. This report will remove the need for manual license audits. Customers can choose to enable this scheduled report or continue with manual audits.
ApplicationUpdated demo data and blueprint templatesUpdated demo data to better utilize and showcase new features. 
ApplicationMain Page icons rearranged and relabeledSmall changes to the DCM Main Page.
WorkspaceDefault DCM Task creation methodDefault changed to "per Audited record" to avoid accidentally creating too many tasks.
AuditOpen "Audit Results view" directly from Audit Results recordsSimilar UI Action was already available on Audit Instances, allowing users to quickly open the "DCM Audit Results" window from an Audit Instance list view. Now, this view can be opened from the Audit Results list view also.
AuditDisable auditing of "Deleted Records" for Audit MessagesBy default, ServiceNow keeps an audit trail for "Deleted Records". This audit will slow down the deletion process and has been removed from Audit Messages which are automatically deleted when audits are run again (rerun or scheduled).

Bug fixes

AuditRerunning audits as dcm.readerDCM Reader role had the Rerun button available on Audit instances. This button has been disabled if the user doesn't have a DCM Auditor role.
AuditAudit results view empty with limited permissionsAudit Results view is empty when security limits visibility.
Data Content PlannerField plan form gives false errorsField plan form validation gives false errors when the validated field is not visible on the form.
Data Content PlannerLoading "Field Setup" with proper conditionsCondition Builder on Field Setup definition window could open up with the incorrect condition if the container had multiple Field Setups available.
Add-onsScope access"Set up scope access for DCM" add-on didn't have proper permissions to the Available Relationships table.

Deprecated / Removed Features

Blueprint DesignerDesired ClassesDesired Classes functionality removed from Blueprint Designer. In later versions, we will remove the underlying logic also. This feature has not been used as planned and is no longer at the core of our application.
Blueprint DesignerAutomatic Audit DirectionAn automatic option has been removed and the user always has to select the Audit Direction already when creating a new link. Some of the new capabilities like Conditional and Alternative Links are dependent on the Audit Direction so it's better to always define the direction.