Updating DCM to latest version

Updating the application

Scoped applications can be updated directly from the ServiceNow instance you have installed the application as long as your organization is entitled for the update.

Entitlement is related to Paid applications in ServiceNow Store. Entitlement can be based on a trial or purchase which usually grants entitlement for 12 months.

If your organization or instances are not entitled for the update, please contact us for more details.


  1. Log in to the instance on which you want to check for updates.
  2. Navigate to System Applications > All Available Applications > All.
  3. Find Data Content Manager application by searching with "DCM".
  4. Select the latest version and click the Update button.

After the update


Since DCM R4.4 the Guided Setup also includes an "After update" section which includes the latest instructions per release.

Deprecated configurations

Some of the DCM application-related configurations have been deprecated and are no longer used by the latest versions of the application.

Due to the nature of scoped applications and how they are distributed, updates will not delete any configuration from customer instances. Therefore deletions have to be done manually. The following table lists all configurations (or application files) that can be deleted.

#ConfigurationNotesDeprecated in DCM version
1DCM DashboardHomepage type of dashboard, replaced with two new responsive dashboards.

DCM R4.0

2DCM HelperHelper included some items that are no longer needed.DCM R4.3
3Save Field PlanUi action to save Field Plan on Data Content Planner.DCM R4.4
4Global Submit buttonsPreviously DCM usage required small adjustments to UI action conditions.DCM R4.4
5Deprecated reportsIrrelevant reports deprecatedSeveral releases

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