Release Notes

Release notes for all ServiceNow Store release versions.

  • DCM R5.2.1 Release Notes

    DCM R5.2.1 is a hotfix ensuring that DCM works when the new "Next Experience" UI is enabled. 

    In addition, this release includes a couple of bug fixes and small adjustments to reports.

    Release date: 4.5.2022

  • DCM R5.2 Release Notes

    DCM R5.2 is a minor release with lots of small enhancements to Blueprint Designer and improvements to audit logic.

    Release date: 19.4.2022

    4.5.2022: DCM R5.2.1 patch release notes.

  • DCM R5.1.1 Release Notes

    DCM R5.1.1 is a hotfix resolving a couple of recent bugs. 

    Otherwise, this release includes some smaller enhancements and a new "Data Quality - Monthly Overview" into Audit dashboards.

    Release date: 2021-12-02

  • DCM R5.1 Release Notes

    DCM R5.1 is a minor release including a "Blueprint Summary" for documenting your data models and improving the Data Content Planner, now supporting Advanced links and allowing data providers to also commit incomplete data sets.

    Otherwise, this release includes smaller enhancements to features introduced in R5.0 and a couple of bug fixes.

    Release date: 9.11.2021

  • DCM R5.0 Release Notes

    DCM R5 is a major release with fantastic new capabilities related to more dynamic data modeling and interactive reporting.

    Release date: 30.7.2021

  • DCM R4.5.1 Release Notes

    DCM R4.5.1 is a patch release making DCM compatible with the ServiceNow Quebec release. This version also includes a couple of small bug fixes and updates to Guided Setup.

    Release date: 26.2.2021

  • DCM R4.5 Release Notes

    DCM R4.5 is a minor release focusing on usability enhancements, new dashboards, and adding an ability to set sys_domain value for DCM Tasks.

    Release date: 31.12.2020

  • DCM R4.4 Release Notes

    DCM R4.4 focuses on improving the audit capability and performance of the audit runs. One major enhancement or new feature is the "Dynamic form views" that bring more focus to fixing the attribute level deviations that really matter. Several small usability enhancements also included.

    Release date: 6.10.2020

  • DCM R4.3 Release Notes

    DCM R4.3 includes basic support for translations. You can now view blueprints in a local language.

    Release date: 26.5.2020

  • DCM R4.2 Release Notes

    DCM R4.2 is a minor release focusing on optimizing audits. Changes have been made to ensure that bigger audit runs do not interfere with the rest of the platform.

    This release also includes a lot of small changes to existing reports and a new version of the "DCM Dashboard", now called "DCM Audit Dashboard". Multiple new reports also included. List of all DCM reports can be found here.

    Release date: 16.4.2020

  • DCM R4.1 Release Notes

    DCM R4.1 includes one very good addition to the audit, that being the "field level audit". Another great enhancement for managing and auditing the blueprints is the addition of "data domains". These data domains and tiers are used to group and manage blueprints and audit results.

    This release also includes a Guided Setup for DCM.

    Release date: 14.1.2020

  • DCM R4.0 Release Notes

    DCM R4 will introduce a new concept of "unique audit message" which represents a unique version of possibly multiple audit messages related to the same data. And this unique message together with "blueprint elements" that were introduced in R3.3 will lay a foundation for "remediation workspace" which is the other main addition to DCM in release 4.0.

    Remediation workspace will include automation of remediation task creation and related forms and views to manage tasks and other remediation activities around deviations found by the audit.

    Minor release R4.0.4 made DCM certified for New York also and it's now supporting ServiceNow releases from Kingston to New York.

    Release date: 9.9.2019 (R4.0.4 was released 10.10.2019)

  • DCM R3.3 Release Notes

    DCM R3.3 introduces a new concept of Blueprint elements that will split blueprints into smaller uniquely identifiable parts which then can be used for more advanced reporting and remediation. 

    Another important part of this release is that we have improved the performance of our audit runner in certain blueprints dramatically.

    With R3.3 DCM is also certified for ServiceNow's Madrid release.

    Expected Release date: 26.3.2019

  • DCM R3.2 Release Notes

    DCM R3.2 is focusing on searching and filtering audit results + enhancements to Data Content Planner on using existing data and field plans.

    Release date: 24.1.2019

  • DCM R3.1 Release Notes

    DCM R3.1 is a minor release, but it includes two really useful new features + some minor enhancements related to multiple modules.

    Release date: 10.12.2018

  • DCM R3.0 Release Notes

    DCM R3.0 is a major release focusing on improving Data Content Planner capabilities including improved UI and improved data loading and searching capabilities.

    Release date: 9.11.2018

  • DCM R2.3 Release Notes

    R2.3. includes new way to create and define many-to-many relationships with Blueprint Designer. 

    Release date: 11.6.2018

  • DCM R2.2 Release Notes

    R2.2. includes couple of useful enhancement and an important bug fix related to audit results.

    Release date: 23.5.2018

  • DCM R2.1 Release Notes

    R2.1 was all about certifying the R2 for Kingston release also.

    Release date: 16.4.2018

  • DCM R2.0 Release Notes

    R2 was the first publicly available DCM release.

    Release date: 5.2.2018

  • DCM R1.0 Release Notes

    R1 was the first DCM release.