Getting Started

Want to give it a try?

4 Simple Steps to Start a FREE Trial:

  1. Get free trial from the ServiceNow Store:
  2. Click "Try" to start a trial
  3. Wait for approval or us to contact you
  4. Install DCM application into selected (non-production) ServiceNow instance
  5. Run "Guided Setup" which is part of the application after the initial install is complete.

More information about starting a free trial can be found from the DCM website at

Purchase and installation of the Data Content Management application

DCM application is distributed via the ServiceNow Store. A trial version is available to any non-production instance which is connected to HI ( while a licensed version requires an entitlement from ServiceNow before installation to the production instance. 

Request / Purchase app

You can request a purchase directly from the store or contact sales for an offer. After the purchase has been completed, an entitlement to the application will be added to the customer by ServiceNow.

You should receive an email from ServiceNow once the purchase can be completed from the Store.

Go to ServiceNow Store, login and click "Complete Purchase" from the DCM store page (

While completing the purchase one must accept the terms and conditions and select which ServiceNow instances are entitled to install the application.

Installation from the ServiceNow store

Install DCM according to the instructions found on or directly

The actual installation happens from the instance where the application is being installed.

You should receive more detailed steps on how to install the app via email once the purchase has been completed.

Guided Setup

After the DCM application has been downloaded from the Store and installed into your ServiceNow instance, there are steps to be taken to configure the application to work within your instance.

The initial setup will take from 15 to 45 minutes depending on much effort is put into reading all the details.

To complete the configuration, please follow the steps described in the Guided Setup that's included in the DCM application and can be accessed from the navigation menu after the initial installation.

Do you need help?

Please do not hesitate to contact /wiki/spaces/DCM/pages/3997663, if you have any questions regarding the application or how to get it into your instance.

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