Interactive Filters not working on Audit Dashboards


When applying an Interactive Filter, some of the reports show “no data” even though there should be records matching with filters.


This problem is related to the Interactive filter setup where we have accidentally made a “duplicate configuration for database views”. In order to get rid of the issue, this duplicate setup should be removed.

In practice, this means deleting records from the “Interactive Filter References” table that refer to a database view, since DB views are already covered automatically with this setting:

Follow these steps to delete unnecessary Interactive Filter Reference (sys_ui_hp_reference) records:

  1. Go to sys_ui_hp_reference list view by inputting this into Filter Navigation: sys_ui_hp_reference.list

  2. Search for records where “Referenced table” = x_jugr_dcm_audit_instance_metric

  3. You should find 8 records

  4. Delete them all

After deleting these records, you need to reapply the interactive filters to see the impact. Now all interactive filters on DCM dashboards should as planned.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


This issue may occur in DCM versions prior to R5.2.


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