DCM R2.3 Release Notes

R2.3. includes new way to create and define many-to-many relationships with Blueprint Designer. 

Release date: 11.6.2018

Also includes one important fix related to Audit misinterpreting optional relationships.

New Features

Blueprint DesignerAvailable Relationships

Previously Blueprint Designer used any matching tables as possible m2m relationship between two records. That was sometimes confusing, since most of those tables are not meant to be relationships. For example Incident table is not meant to be m2m relationship table between User and Group.

Now with "Available Relationships" definitions the DCM Admins can define which tables to use as m2m tables. Application includes most commonly used m2m tables, but it's easy for admins to manage the definitions. In addition to these definitions, blueprint designers can still choose to use any table referring to both source and target as m2m table.

LicensingFree versionFree version now includes maximum of 2 blueprint versions.



Blueprint DesignerRecreated relationship creation windowRecreated the Relationship creation window. Changes mainly related to using the new Available Relationships definitions.
NavigationAdded "DCM" to Application nameNow it's easier to find all DCM related modules, since Application name includes "DCM" in the beginning.

Bug fixes

Audit ResultsMandatory links after an optional link

Additional fix was applied to this previously implemented fix. Now can handle 1..* multiplicity for source record, that previously still gave invalid results.

Audit / Blueprint designerMinor fixesMinor fixes related to Audit results and Blueprint designer.

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