DCM R5.1 Release Notes

DCM R5.1 is a minor release including a "Blueprint Summary" for documenting your data models and improving the Data Content Planner, now supporting Advanced links and allowing data providers to also commit incomplete data sets.

Otherwise, this release includes smaller enhancements to features introduced in R5.0 and a couple of bug fixes.

Release date: 9.11.2021

New Features

Blueprint DesignerBlueprint Summary / Print to PDF

Many organizations find great value from DCM simply because of the Blueprint Designer. Being able to easily document data requirements with a visual tool inside the ServiceNow platform.

Now, this documentation aspect became even better. Blueprint Summary collects all the blueprint details into a single page and allows sharing and storing these details also as a PDF document.

ApplicationFeedback, please!Each DCM module now includes a "Feedback" button that allows users to send feedback to us immediately when there is something to say. Hoping to get a lot of feedback, thank you.



Blueprint DesignerBi-directional reference link creationPreviously Reference-based links had to be drawn from source to target container. Now it doesn't matter anymore. One can draw the line in either direction and reference selection will include all reference fields pointing to the other side of the link.
Blueprint DesignerExclusive OR for Alternative LinksThe first version of the Alternative links only supported Inclusive OR, but now alternative links can be defined as mutually exclusive.
Blueprint DesignerCheck Data Domain when publishingData domain is such a crucial piece of information on a blueprint, that it's checked when a blueprint version is being published. The preview gives a warning if a Data Domain has not been defined for the blueprint.
Data Content PlannerAdvanced links supportDCP now supports the same visualizations for Advanced links as the Blueprint Designer.
Data Content PlannerAllow committing incomplete data setsPreviously Data Population Wizard required that all data should be defined according to blueprint before any changes could be committed to live tables. Now, population preview will give a warning, but committing incomplete data is allowed.
Data Content Planner"Ready for Population" status changed to Read-WritePreviously, Ready for Population status made the data set read-only, but now data set can be updated in Ready for Population status also.
Data Content PlannerList of missing permissions as part of population previewData Population Preview lists out missing permissions, if user doesn't have all the required roles to update records within the data set.
AuditAudit data deletion routinesWe reviewed some of the deletion routines for audit data when Audit Instances are being deleted manually. Just to make sure that all related data is getting cleaned up.
AuditCopy on-demand audit into a scheduled auditUse a previously created on-demand audit as a template to create a scheduled audit. Nice and easy.
AuditDelete orphan Unique Audit MessagesWhen all related audit messages and tasks are deleted, the UAM should be deleted too. This scheduled job will take care of that if the audits' post procedures did not.
Audit"Open in Audit Results" to open a selected recordAudit Results view will now open directly into Audit Messages modal window when Audit Results opened for an audited record.
Audit Unique Audit Messages "Related List" for Global tableNew "Relationship table" that connects Unique Audit Messages to Global table with Audited Record and Real Record DocumentIDs. This will allow DCM users to add Related lists to any table showing related Unique Audit Messages.
AuditCopy On-Demand Audit into a Scheduled AuditQuick way to create a new Scheduled Audit from a previously created On-Demand Audit.
Add-onsShow Audit Messages on any form viewA simple add-on to enable showing non-compliant Unique Audit Messages on any form view as a related list. Setting up this add-on is also part of the Guided Setup.
ApplicationHelp tours updatedUpdated "Help Tours" to match with the latest changes.
ApplicationUpdated Application Menu / NavigationRearranged the application modules and navigation. New "links" to open Blueprint Designer, Audit, and Content Planner directly from the Navigation Menu and a new section for Dashboards. Also relabelled some menu items.
ReportingData Tier and Data Domain Group as Interactive FiltersAdded Data Tier and Data Domain Group as interactive filters on most of the dashboards. With this addition, we also added a direct "Domain Group" reference to Data Domains. Old Parent reference is still there for additional structuring, but the preferred structure includes Data Domain → Data Domain Group → Data Tier. And Parent can be used for additional layers especially on Data Tier level.

Bug fixes

Blueprint DesignerAdditional detail iconsIn some cases, the icons showing filters, duplicate checking etc, did not function properly, but now they do.
ReportingTop10 missing links"Top10 Missing Links related to My Tasks" report on DCM Workspace Dashboard had an invalid filter condition returning way too many audit messages on the report.
WorkspaceDCM Task roles and ACLsFixed an issue related to task permissions and roles. Now people working as "data providers" should have proper permissions to work with tasks and audit messages.
WorkspaceCompleting a Task doesn't overwrite Approved status anymorePreviously, completing a DCM Task updated all Unique Audit Messages to "Fixed", even if already Approved. Now, Approved status will remain.
ApplicationChanges to "license reports"The previously created License report didn't work properly, so it's now updated. Content is still the same.

Deprecated / Removed Features

Blueprint DesignerDownload chartDownload blueprint as a picture has been replaced with the Blueprint Summary that also includes a picture. And taking a screenshot is so easy, that downloading it as a picture has very little use.
Data Content PlannerDownload chart - disabledThis feature will be totally removed later. 

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