DCM R4.4 Release Notes

DCM R4.4 focuses on improving the audit capability and performance of the audit runs. One major enhancement or new feature is the "Dynamic form views" that bring more focus to fixing the attribute level deviations that really matter. Several small usability enhancements also included.

Release date: 6.10.2020

New Features

AuditSystem property for not performing backward multiplicity checks for links

Skipping this checking for blueprint links will dramatically improve the audit performance and has been found not that useful information compared to other audit results.

This feature will be deprecated totally in later versions, but can be used still, if really wanted by changing the default value of the new system property.

Data Content PlannerDynamic form views based on Field setup

Field Setups defined for different tables can now be used to dynamically create a form view that only includes the selected fields and their conditions as instructions.

These views are included in the Data Content Planner as another view when opening the Field plan for a selected records and trying to update attribute level information. This addition will bring extra focus and clarity to attributes included in the field setup that is also included in the audit.

Using these Dynamic form views requires committing an Add-on that enables the form view creation.



AuditOptimized link evaluationPreviously 0..* and 1..* type of target multiplicities could generate thousands of Compliant audit messages without real value. The Audit Message creation has been optimized on this area to minimize the amount of unnecessary compliant messages being created.
AuditChanges to create new On-Demand Audit screenChanged the field order for better flow.
AuditActivate and Execute Now for Scheduled auditsActive checkbox and Execute Now options brought to Scheduled Audit edit screen.
AuditStop an ongoing audit by failing the Audit instance recordAudit is run in chunks and changing the Audit Instance status to Failed, will stop audit when trying to start the next chunk of root records to audit.
Data Content PlannerDefault Data Content Set nameWhen new Data Content Set is created from Audit Results, the default name for the set will be the name of the root record.
Workspace"DCM Task created" messages now include a linkWhen DCM Tasks are created manually from Audit Results, the info message now includes a direct link to the Task record.
WorkspaceDCM Tasks have direct links to Audit Results and Blueprint DesignerThe "Audit details" tab includes references to Audit instance and Blueprint version related to DCM Task. These reference fields now include direct links to open Audit instance into Audit Results view and BP version into Blueprint Designer.
WorkspaceForm improvement to Task ConfigurationMinor improvements to form layout and reference field functionality.
Application"Modify Global Submit buttons" removed from basic setupWith couple of form related enhancements on the Data Content Planner we no longer need to modify global Submit buttons as part of the basic setup. This step has been removed from Guided Setup also.
Application"DCM Helper" no longer neededCommitting a separate "DCM Helper" update set as part of the basic setup is no longer needed. This step is also removed from the Guided Setup.
ApplicationGuided Setup for updatesNew section added to Guided Setup to make sure that certain things are checked when updating DCM to a newer version. This is optional for whole new installations.
Application"Save and Close" instead of just SaveMany modal windows were changed to close the window after saving.

Bug fixes

Data Content PlannerOpen record in DCP Cancel button didn't workWhen trying to open DCP from any real record, the Cancel button on the modal window did not work.
WorkspaceDuplicate DCM Tasks are getting createdIn same cases, duplicate tasks were created.
Blueprint DesignerChoice labels for field conditionsChoice labels did not show correctly for fields inherited from the extended tables.
Blueprint DesignerStatus bar not visible when translations in useStatus bar in Blueprint Designer is not shown at all, if other than English language in use. 

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