DCM R4.2 Release Notes

DCM R4.2 is a minor release focusing on optimizing audits. Changes have been made to ensure that bigger audit runs do not interfere with the rest of the platform.

This release also includes a lot of small changes to existing reports and a new version of the "DCM Dashboard", now called "DCM Audit Dashboard". Multiple new reports also included. List of all DCM reports can be found here.

Release date: 16.4.2020

New Features

No new major functionality added in this release.



AuditAudit optimizations

Multiple changes to optimize audit runner. Different methods to run scheduled audits vs. on-demand audits for example.

Now DCM should manage larger data sets to be audited even if it might take more time to run the audit in certain cases.

AuditOn-demand audit with too many root recordsNow the audit won't start and user remains on the modal window if number of filtered root records exceeds the maximum number of root records for on-demand audits.
AuditField condition reference to unique audit messagesNow the "Field condition" can be used as a grouping factor for unique audit messages. This will improve the reporting on attribute level deviations.
AuditOpen audit instance into audit results viewOpen audit instances into audit results view from the list and form views.
AuditMore references to UAMUnique audit messages now directly refer to the latest audit instance and audited record. This will enable more options for reporting.
AuditExpired Unique Audit MessagesUnique Audit Messages will expire automatically after a given number of days (31 by default). This means that if a UAM record has not been updated within the last 31 days, a scheduled job will automatically update UAM to "Expired" status. This status indicates that the issue may have been fixed already or similar audits are not running anymore.
Blueprint DesignerUsing templatesDo not show templates for inactive domains when creating new blueprints.
Reports and DashboardsLots of small changes and new reports

Lots of small updates to reports to better utilize data domain and tier information. Multiple new reports also included in the app. 

List of all currently available reports can be found here.

Reports and DashboardsNew database view to connect UAMs to root recordsNew database view that joins unique audit messages with configuration items via the audited record / root record Document ID field.
Reports and Dashboards"DCM Dashboard" replaced with "DCM Audit Dashboard"Old "DCM Dashboard" has deactivated and it should not be used anymore. New "DCM Audit Dashboard" available via the navigation menu under the DCM application.
ApplicationUpdated Guided setupSome minor issues fixed and more information added to Guided setup including the use of content packs available from the ServiceNow Store.

Bug fixes

AuditUAM links to the same audit instance multiple timesTiming related issue with bigger audits where the same unique audit message got related to the same audit instance multiple times.
AuditUAMs without weight valueWith bigger audits, sometimes unique audit messages did not have a weight value.
AuditUAM not being deletedUAM was not being deleted when all related audit messages were deleted.
Blueprint DesignerInvalid ACLs for updating blueprint versionsUsers with bp_user role could not modify their own blueprint versions.
Blueprint DesignerCopy all blueprint attributes to newWhen using templates or taking copies of blueprint versions, not all attributes were copied to new versions.
Data Content PlannerAudit results opened to DCP opens an empty windowLoading audit results into DCP creates default blank content set.
Data Content PlannerError when trying to populate data content setTypeError: Cannot read property "sys_domain" from null
ApplicationRemoved New buttonsRemoved multiple New buttons from DCM tables that should be managed within the DCM specific UI, not list views.

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