DCM R3.1 Release Notes

DCM R3.1 is a minor release, but it includes two really useful new features + some minor enhancements related to multiple modules.

Release date: 10.12.2018

This release will also remove the internal license mechanism from the application. This means that license validity is based on separate audit, instead of technical lock.

New Features

AuditOpen audited record to Data Content PlannerAudit results, messages window now includes a button to create or open a Data Content Set for the audited record. This will make it super easy to fix deviations directly from the audit results.
Blueprint DesignerMandatory conditions

Conditions (or filters) for a container in a blueprint can now be set as mandatory. This means that records within that container must match the conditions, or they are evaluated as non-existent (from audit point of view). Also, one can not add records to a data content set, if those records do not match with mandatory condition.

Optional condition will work like the previous conditions meaning that non-matching records will give a minor deviation on audit, but those records are still allowed in a content set.

Data Content PlannerDCP APIData Content Planner can now be opened "outside DCM" by using a special UI Page made for that purpose. For example, one can now create a UI Action to any ServiceNow form to open the current record into Data Content Planner.
LicensesLicense control removedDCM application no longer includes internal license control, but follows the regular audit procedures related to ServiceNow Store applications.



Data Population WizardOptional links also previewed
Data Content PlannerShow conditions in DCPConditions (or filters) defined for the blueprint container are now visible also in Data Content Planner
Blueprint DesignerShow filter by clicking the iconFilter/condition icon now opens the edit/view condition window.
AuditShow filter conditions with display valuesAudit results now has a link to show filter conditions in a separate hover window that uses condition builder to show filter with display values instead of "query string".
AuditRoot record limits for auditsTwo new system properties were introduced to limit root record counts for on demand and scheduled audit instances.
AuditDo not start audit if filter changed, but not appliedStarting an audit will first check, if the root record filter was changed and requires user to apply the filter before starting the audit. Previously user could update the filter, but without applying it, the audit would start with a "previous filter".
DCM ApplicationNew database view

New database view which connects Configuration Item table to audit messages via the audit results' Audited record Document ID field.

This view is especially good for reporting when you want to filter or group results based on attributes available on the root record.

Bug fixes

Data Population Wizard Desired record reference not committed

New desired record's reference link were not populated and not reported in preview.

AuditWrong audit results for a reference fieldIn same rare cases where audit direction was set to opposite of the reference link, the audit returned incorrect information.

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